Google releases Android 15 developer preview

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Google has unveiled the initial developer preview of Android 15, showcasing a range of new features aimed at enhancing user privacy, refining advertising experiences, and improving overall device performance.

Dave Burke, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, says a core focus was on advancing user privacy while maintaining personalised advertising capabilities through the latest version of Privacy Sandbox on Android. This addition aims to strike a balance between protecting user privacy and delivering effective advertising tailored to individual preferences within mobile apps.

Among the notable features highlighted in the preview is the integration of Android 14 extensions – particularly around Health Connect – which expands support for various data types related to fitness, nutrition, and more.

Additionally, the introduction of partial screen sharing allows users to record specific windows instead of the entire screen—catering to the increasing demand for larger screen Android devices in various form factors such as tablets, foldables, and flippables.

Burke also outlined significant improvements in battery performance, including a power-efficiency mode for hint sessions, enhanced reporting of GPU and CPU work durations, and the implementation of thermal headroom thresholds to better manage thermal throttling.

For developers focused on photography, Android 15 offers low light enhancements for camera previews and advanced flash strength adjustments for precise control over flash intensity in different capture modes.

According to Burke, the developer preview provides all necessary tools for developers to explore Android 15 features, test their applications, and provide feedback. Developers can choose to flash the preview onto compatible Google devices like Pixel 6, 7, 8, Fold, or Tablet, or alternatively, they can utilise the Android Emulator in Android Studio.

Google plans to release a second developer preview in March, followed by monthly beta releases starting in April. Platform stability is anticipated by June, allowing developers several months for final testing before the official release.

Given Google’s history of launching new Android versions alongside its Pixel devices, it’s likely that Android 15 will debut around a similar timeframe as previous releases in October. Whenever it launches, it’s a fairly safe bet the latest version of Android will pack further AI advancements.

You can find the full Android 15 developer site here.

(Image Credit: Google)

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